VINTAGE MOTORCYCLE RESCUE ® is proud to present our Made in USA CYCLE SAVER PAD ®, a Patent Pending product that everyone who rides a motorcycle of any make, type, or year can use to PARK YOUR BIKE ANYWHERE™! The CYCLE SAVER PAD ® will prevent your bike’s side stand from sinking into any type of soft parking surface, such as grass, gravel, sand, dirt, and broken or hot asphalt. IT CAN SAVE YOUR WALLET™ because your motorcycle won’t fall over and cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair just to park conveniently. It’s better than buying insurance!

With the CYCLE SAVER PAD ®, any motorcycle side stand from the largest cruiser or touring to the smallest sport or off-road bike can be assured of a stable parking footing. The CYCLE SAVER PAD ®is specifically designed and tested to accommodate the large flat blades on the biggest bikes, to the small triangular bottom of the stand on a sport bike.


It doesn’t matter what shape or size your side stand bottom has, the CYCLE SAVER PAD ® will fit it perfectly. If your bike only has a center stand, simply purchase two
CYCLE SAVER PADS™ and place one under each stand foot.


The CYCLE SAVER PAD ® weighs approximately four ounces, has no sharp edges, and fits perfectly in your back jeans pocket with an attached lobster claw lanyard to attach to your belt loop. When it’s in your back pocket, you can barely tell it’s there, and since it’s flat it doesn’t take up as much space as a wallet. If properly used it won’t damage either your clothing or the cover of your motorcycle seat. In fact, you’ll forget it’s even there until you need to park again, and the attached lanyard will make sure it’s never lost.



To use the CYCLE SAVER PAD ®, simply drop it on the ground with the slip resistant side down next to your motorcycle’s side stand, deploy the side stand, and center it on the CYCLE SAVER PAD ®. When you’re ready to ride again, pick up the lanyard, sit on your bike, and return it to an upright position while holding the lanyard in your hand. Kick up the side stand, attach the lanyard to your belt loop, put the CYCLE SAVER PAD ® in your pocket, and you’re ready to ride. You’ll never again want to ride anywhere without your CYCLE SAVER PAD ®! PARK YOUR BIKE ANYWHERE™!

Purchase with your PayPal account or Credit Card, buy one for yourself and a riding friend. Also makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for any motorcyclist you may know!